The innovative corner shelf with concealed assembly method

The corner shelf with concealed assembly

ALEDA STONE Easy Shelf represents a real innovation in the field of corner shelves. Thanks to its innovative concealed assembly method, it can be fixed to walls with extreme semplicity even by the less experts of DIY.
The wide variety of materials and colors allows it to meet different needs, making it suitable for any area of the home or office. Futhermore, its angular shape allows to optimize the use of the available spaces. But that's not all: an exclusive patent guarantees a safe and resistant application over time. A design and functional solution.

Our philosophy

Our passion is the key that allows us to reach our goals. A strong wish to improve pushes us to continuous search for innovative solutions intended for a customer always more demanding. This is why our products are considered a luxury detail.
The attention to quality and to details sets us apart in every phase of the production which begins with the choice of materials directly from the quarries and continues with the transformation of the blocks, to get to the realization of the finished product. All of this happens, through the use of our property machinery, characterized by a high technological component.

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